• Online Media Courses:
  1. To train media students and experts on enhancing media literacy and knowledge of the ethical considerations’ vis-à-vis the current media practices, and on developing media skills and empowering critical thinking and innovation in a world of a digital competitiveness.

2. Courses on research skills and data analysis.

In this regard, networking and cooperating with universities, research centers, and media institutions and organizations is at the core of the institution’s goals.

  • Media and Research Training: seminars and trainings on media literacy, skills and literacy- developing critical thinking and innovation- research skills.
  • Media Consultancy and Advisory for Individuals, politicians, public figures, businessmen& corporations.
  • Start-Up Planning : Whether in business, media, and any other sector, we believe in Dialectic that data is a key factor for the success of any company, entity, or individual. That is why, we base our communication strategy on scientific studies and invest it in media to reach our clients’ goals.