Startup Planning

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Whether in business, media, and any other sector, we believe in Dialectic that data is a key factor for the success of any company, entity, or individual. That is why, we base our communication strategy on scientific studies and invest it in media to reach our clients’ goals.

In the startup planning, we prepare the portfolio of the newly established companies based on the goals and ambitions of the clients. Writing the portfolio is based on a scientific study of the nature and the services they offer.

Communication strategy is a key element in our services in which we provide our clients with a detailed analysis of the situation and expectations of their business projects, and we develop a communication plan that leads to achieving the investors and clients’ business goals. To identify the right communication plan, we study each business project or entity by through SWOT analysis and a PEST analysis.

    SWOT analysis: A detailed analysis study on the weaknesses and strengths of the company/business and analyzing the opportunities and      challenges they have. In analyzing the opportunities and challenges, competitors’ research is required as it helps investors and clients to        understand the market and their competitors, and consequently to develop the right business and communication strategies.

    PEST analysis: A detailed analysis study on the economic, social, political, and technological factors that should be taken into                 

   consideration in the business.

Based on the study and analysis we conductwe provide our investors and clients with the corporate communication strategy that shows and explains the goals of the communication plan and identify the objectives and key results (KPI) that the strategy must achieve within a specific timeline. 

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