Dialectic is an E-COMM (Communication Arts) and research institution. It is an interdisciplinary digital institution for media research and consultancy.

It aims at building a professional media literacy and at showing the intertwining relation between media and sectors such as politics and sustainable development.

  • It tracks and assesses  the role of media in shaping and leading the public opinion, the intertwining relation between media and political discourse.
  • D- Magazine is a special media critic leaflet of the Lebanese local media programs based on the media law and ethics. Also, it represents in a separate section reports and insights on the main media industry news and strategies regionally and internationally, in addition to discussing the trendiest social media programs and their impact on the society.
  • Media constitutes a central tool for sustainable development goals (SDGs); Dialects aims at promoting and advocating SDGs by explaining the terms and news of the SDGs and assessing the media exposure of the projects of the local, regional international agencies and organizations. Hence, networking and working closely with local, regional, and international organizations and private entities engaging in SDGs is at the core of the institution’s goals.
  • Online media courses and seminars to train media students and experts on enhancing media literacy and knowledge of the ethical considerations vis-à-vis the current media practices, and on developing media skills and empowering critical thinking and innovation in a world of a digital competitiveness

In this regard, networking and cooperating with universities, research centers, and media institutions and organizations is at the core of the institution’s goals.

  • Media consultancy and advisory for individuals, politicians, public figures, businessmen& corporations.